Pocket Genealogist Version 3.40

Pocket Genealogist Version 3.40 is now available for download from the Northern Hills Software website.  This is another free update for all version 3 users, simply download and install 3.40 overtop your current version.  (As always the update is a complete version of Pocket Genealogist.  You can update any V3 release with this version) 

Downloads can be found HERE.  This version has the following changes: 

  • Device/Desktop:  Pocket Genealogist is now fully UNICODE compliant. (It can still import ANSI, ANSEL, UTF-8 or UNICODE, but internally everything is now UNICODE) Unicode provides much better support for International character sets.

  • Device/Desktop:  Support for Legacy Version This version of Legacy has database changes so you will need to re-import your Pocket Genealogist databases.

  • Desktop:  Support for Family Historian V4.

  • Desktop:  On GEDCOM export, ANSI, UTF-8 or UNICODE can now be selected as the ‘encoding’ type.

  • Desktop:  Changes to PAF/FTM Add-on (especially for FTM 2008 and 2009) to take extra measures to ensure that all individuals are imported.

  • Desktop:  Windows 98 and ME no longer supported.

  • Device:  Support for devices with screen resolution of 400×240.

  • Device/Desktop:  Update to most language translations.
  • Desktop:  The Backup feature for 2-way Legacy syncing will now default to the location of the Legacy database if no backup path is found in the Legacy configuration file.
  • Desktop:  Support for “Between” dates for FTM 2008/2009 Add-on Imports.

  • Desktop:  Fixed Direct Ancestral Quest imports to support ‘relative’ paths for multimedia files.

  • Device:  Changed label on To Do screen from “Date” to “Due Date” for FTM imports.

  • Device:  Fix to Individual “Main” tab for Smartphones with 320×320 screens. (Display and edit of Given and Surname)

  • Desktop:  Fix to Legacy 2 way sync as it would re-sync images that didn’t need to be synced. (Wasn’t causing any harm, but was unnecessary)

  • Desktop:  Fix to desktop sync screen to properly display memory / storage card locations available for syncing on device. (Was not working with 64-bit Vista)
  • Device:  Disallow editing or deletion of To Do’s for FTM Add-on import.

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