An Alternate User Interface(s)

Interested in the new finger friendly changes for Windows Mobile 6.5 but don’t want to wait?

Here are some articles about some alternate user interfaces that you can use to “dress up” your current device.

First a free one (although in beta) called Pointui

“Pointui 2 Gives Touchscreen Windows Mobile Phones a new Lease on Life”

“Pointui Home 2 is Released and Free”
“PointUI Home 2 Video Review”

And one that isn’t free but comes highly rated called Spb Mobile Shell (Available soon)

Mobility Site
“Mobile Shell 3.0 Announced at MWC”

“Another Great UI Replacement: SPB Mobile Shell 3.0”

And another one that I’m not familiar with:

“Another New Interface for Windows Mobile: SHBT MyHome”

And an unusual one that comes with the hardware (Acer) and does “3D”

“MWC: New Acer Interface does 3D”

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