Pocket Genealogist 3.30

Northern Hills Software is happy to announce that Pocket Genealogist 3.30 is now available for download. As with all Version 3 releases this is a free update for all those who have already purchased Version 3.

The biggest change in this release is support for Multimedia transfers to the device (Images and Photos). Additionally, if you have a Windows Mobile 5 or newer device and have lots of sources/citations, the new release can significantly decrease the size of your database. For a complete list of changes, click HERE.

This version has changes to the database structure, so all current Pocket Genealogist databases will not work with the new release. Make sure any changes you have made on the device are first synchronized back to the desktop and “processed” before you install this release.

The multimedia support does require the “Advanced” version of Pocket Genealogist. If you have Version 3 Basic or a Version 2 release, you can upgrade HERE.

The downloads can be found HERE and the update to the user guide can be found HERE.

Thanks for supporting Pocket Genealogist!

2 Responses to “Pocket Genealogist 3.30”

  1. taninu says:

    Does this version support 2 way sychronization for Family Tree Maker 2008 or 2009?

  2. Taninu,

    No, the only 2-way sync is still Legacy Family Tree.


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