Redfly anyone?


What is a Redfly you ask? Well, up until today, it was $399 and in my opinion not worth mentioning because of the price. But for a limited time in conjunction with WMExperts, you can get one for $199.

The Redfly is a mobile device companion produced by Celio, basically a “dumb” mini-laptop that connects to your mobile phone via USB cable or Bluetooth. In other words it’s a larger keyboard and screen for your mobile device.   It’s not a standalone device as it requires a connection to a smartphone… it merely takes what you see on your smartphone and displays it on a larger screen.   It also has a VGA connector so it would be useful for connecting to a projector (or external monitor) for presentation purposes.

Information on the Celio website indicate that Windows Mobile 5 and 6 are supported.   Although they only reference “Smartphones”, it may also work with non-smartphone PDA’s as well.  (You will need bluetooth or a device that can connect via a USB cable available from Celio)   If you are interested you should verify wth Celio that your device is supported before purchasing.

The WMExperts announcement of the limited time $199 offer can be found HERE.

The Celio Redfly website can be found HERE.

And a list of tested devices can be found HERE.

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