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Dick Eastman from Eastmans Online Genealogy Newsletter makes reference to a new Genealogy Software Review Website that you may find interesting.

The new website is called Genealogy Software Reviews by Louis Kessler and currently contains 355 different genealogy related software programs.   Since it’s a new site there aren’t many reviews yet, but here’s your chance to provide feedback on your favorite or not so favorite genealogy program and to read opinions about the software from other users.   It also makes for a very handy reference on what other software is available.   (I found two different genealogy programs for the Psion handheld that I wasn’t aware existed for example)

Dick Eastman’s blog entry can be found HERE.

And Genealogy Software Reviews can be found HERE.

And don’t forget to provide a review for your favorite handheld genealogy program!

2 Responses to “Genealogy Software Review Website”

  1. lkessler says:

    Thanks for the nice post about my new site Chad (is it still Chad who is here?)

    I found it interesting that there were two programs you hadn’t heard of. But my question to you is if there are any that I missed that I should be added. Let me know and I’ll be happy to add them.

    Louis Kessler
    Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

  2. Louis,

    It’s Kevin, but you can call me Chad if you like. 🙂

    I’ll revisit my list of handheld software programs but I believe you did get all the ones I was aware of.


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