Most PocketPC’s come with a QVGA screen.  QVGA stands for “Quarter VGA” and has a screen resolution of 240 x 320.   However, some devices have a VGA screen which has a resolution of 480 x 640.  Does this mean you can display 4 times the amount of information on the screen?    Generally the answer is no although it depends on the application.  

Note: Pocket Genealogist does support VGA devices and the main “view” screen can have up to 4 times the amount of information although most screens display the same amount of information as QVGA.   However, you can change the font size of lists and other items so that more data is displayed, albeit smaller.   (In a nutshell that’s the benefit of VGA… higher resolution so that smaller fonts are still crisp and clear)

PocketNow has a video with a comparison HERE.

And Pocket PC Thoughts has more information HERE regarding this topic.

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