Welcome to ‘The Mobile Genealogist’

Welcome to the new Northern Hills Software blog on topics of Mobile Genealogy.   We’ve tossed around the idea of hosting a blog for some time and have finally decided to take the leap!   This blog will contain articles on new devices or software, tips, tricks and other items related to Pocket Genealogist and just about anything else that we think you might find useful.

We find information and articles all the time that we would like to share but hesitate to put into the ‘official’ Northern Hills Software newsletter e-mail which we’ve used in the past to only announce new Pocket Genealogist releases.  

If you have suggestions for articles or have information you would like to share, please contact us at blog@NorthernHillsSoftware.com.

Let’s get started!

Kevin Phillips

2 Responses to “Welcome to ‘The Mobile Genealogist’”

  1. Even though I’m a Mac/Palm girl, I look forward to your new endeavor. This is one side of family research I would like to see get more attention. Welcome to the genblog community!

  2. moultriecreek,

    We do plan on having some articles too on Palms, iPhones, Nokia’s, etc. although as developers of Windows Mobile software you know where are “loyalties” lie! 🙂 We get emails fairly frequently from people who have purchased a (enter non-windows mobile device name here) and don’t understand why Pocket Genealogist won’t work. Plus it’s always good to know what the competition is up too!


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